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Everyone is capable...

learn to trust and find confidence in your body's ability to move and heal..



Let me help you move your capabilities to full competence.
My name is Sandra Repnow, I am a movement and body worker with a passion for making people feel better, look better and move better.     

I provide an environment that supports you to explore a new relationship with your body.  You will develop at your own pace in a manner that makes sense to you and which meets you where you are at, in the moment.  

I believe we are all capable.... I am inspired by working with my clients on a journey of rediscovery and the natural evolution of body awareness and confidence in movement.  My knowledge and background in various therapeutic methods including  Manual Osteopathy, Massage, Pilates, Craniosacral Therapy and Dance Movement, affords me the ability to offer a creative, intuitive and dynamic strategy for finding greater health and movement.


"When you touch one thing with deep awareness,
 you touch everything.

- Lao Tzu 

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Manual Osteopathy is a holistic therapy which treats the body with the idea that structure denotes function. When structure is balanced, function is optimized, pain and inflammation can resolve, the nervous system is calmed and health can flourish.  Our bodies were built to heal... 

I use a number of different tools to adjust your body including;
  • Muscle Energy Technique(MET) to re-align bones gently,
  • Craniosacral therapy to align your skull bones,
  • Manual Lymph Drainage(MLD) to balance fluids, ​
  • Visceral manipulation and Myofascial Release(MFR) to resolve fascial tensions. 

The application of these techniques are dependant upon your body's history... Your body will express its priority, consider this therapy a, "nudge," to support its natural healing abilities.


I use specific equipment and exercises designed by Joseph Pilates.  My experience in dance and movement allows individual attention and support towards healthy patterning, overall strengthening and improved flexibility.

Pilates is a safe, smart and effective fitness program  supporting you coming out of injury, illness or wanting to sustain and/or augment their ability to enjoy activities you already do.

Attention is paid to your needs each day, as well as long term fitness goals.  

Stretch, strengthen and support your lifestyle, your best life.
 My work as a Craniosacral therapist brings my holistic practice full circle.

I use Craniosacral therapy to help you come into relationship with your body by acknowledging its wisdom and history through informed touch.  This modality is profound because it soothes your system and supports your body's natural inclination to self-repair.  This a gentle therapy which can be done in conjunction with regular massage or as a modality on its own.

The therapy schedule is determined by your system as it adjusts on a physiological, psychological and kinetic level. 

Health is abundant and constant, the wisdom of the body can re-balance your system by unraveling tensions, stress and trauma. 
Massage is another way for me to help you access greater range of motion, decrease pain, inflammation and edema, tension and stress.  I offer a unique combination of techniques that allow me to support you towards greater health in the day.

Swedish massage
Swedish massage improves circulation, relieves muscle tension and reduces stress.

Therapeutic Massage
Therepeutic massage relieves pain, reduces stress and  includes deep tissue work which breaks down adhesion, fibrosis and scar tissue while increasing blood flow.  Pressure is client dependant and discussed prior to and during treatment.  .

Manual Lymph Drainage
Manual lymph drainage is a very subtle and gentle form of therapy which is used to decrease swelling.  Patients with acute edema due to surgery or injury will find this highly effective in supporting recovery however patients with arthritis or inflammatory disease will also notice immediate results.  Benefits include an easement in movement and range of motion as well as pain relief and relaxation. 



Since beginning Craniosacral Therapy with Sandra, I have not only become a better athlete, but my overall quality of life has improved dramatically.


After an extremely traumatic brain injury in 2013, my life was no longer the same. I could not focus at school, I could not think clearly or coherently, and ultimately I began to struggle with intense mood issues. It was conquering this darkness that drove me into the pursuit of representing Canada as a long-track speed skater, but this past season I was unable to compete after Canada Cup One because of debilitating physical symptoms. My schedule became full with cardiologist appointments, internal medicine specialist visits, sports medicine docs, endocrinologists, and countless bloodwork requisitions. Fortunately, Sandra came into my life at the end of my season and I could not be more grateful for her empathetic, holistic approach and the work that she has done for me. 

Through cranio with Sandra, I have been able to return to training--with most days at full intensity. Although I am not completely symptom-free yet, the issues that do arise often lack control of me anymore. My digestive issues have resided (I can eat peanut butter again!!!), my near-constant headaches have become less frequent and my dizziness no longer dictates how my day, or training session, will go. Most importantly, I have begun to understand how my body feels in relation to my mood, and, with Sandra's guidance, learn to trust my body through it all. She has become a huge part of my journey in sport. Sandra's ability to see her clients as people, observe, understand and compassionately meet them where they are (while still supporting growth and healing) is a rare find in the health profession and her strength. 

Jessica Conrad - Provincial Speedskater

I have been working with Sandra as a personal trainer for 9 years and it is the best thing I ever did.  She is skilled, thoughtful, and a pleasure to work with and talk to.  She knows just how and when to encourage and when to push, though never too much.  She works with the whole person - mentally, emotionally and physically.  Sandra has an extensive knowledge of physical anatomy and knows just how to work your body to benefit your personal needs.  No two sessions are ever the same.  Her workouts are tailor made for whatever you need.  I have a limited amount of time to work out each week and my sessions with Sandra have maximized this time and made sure I maintain a fit and healthy lifestyle. 


During my time with Sandra my posture has improved and she has helped me deal with various neck and shoulder issues.  She keeps me motivated and makes each session challenging and fun, but always a sense of achievement!  Her professionalism, extensive knowledge and enthusiastic commitment to her work and her clients, provides the perfect scenario for success and sets foundations for a healthier lifestyle.  I would not hesitate to recommend her as a personal trainer.

Tracey, Educator


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